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9 Barriers To Marijuana Legalization in Texas · High Times

Legalization in Texas might be closer than we think, but the reality is that despite the state’s fierce

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Alleged Member of Sinaloa Cartel Extradited on Drug Trafficking Charges

An alleged member of the Sinaloa Cartel will make his initial appearance in federal court in El Paso, Texas today.

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$8 Million Worth of Marijuana Seized at Texas Border · High Times

In cooperation with Mexico’s military and law enforcement agencies, U.S. border agents seized $8 million worth of

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Academy Dedicated to Cannabis Science Opens Its Doors in...Texas

A new school dedicated to cannabis science is getting ready to open in, of all places, Texas. The Dallas Ft. Worth

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Pro-Cannabis Beto O'Rourke Faces Off With Ted Cruz Over Drug Policy · High Times

Drug policy is emerging as a campaign issue in the Texas Senate race, according to local media reports.  On

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