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How to Throw a Cannabis Dinner Party · High Times

If you don’t live in one of the many cities that have been hosting pop-up cannabis dinners and supper clubs, or you

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In Defense of Macrodosing · High Times

Cannabis entrepreneurs have a lot of cherries to pop now that marijuana is melding with the mainstream. While

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What Does a Weed-Friendly Work Day Look Like?

Ah, work. The thing we do to pay rent and the reason we never get to spend time in the homes we pay rent for. While

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Play Like a Kid and Party Like a Legalized Adult at Camp No Counselors

Not a lot of things define the experience of growing up in America the way sleepaway camp does. If you never did it

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The Pros and Cons of Smoking Weed With Your Family · High Times

Smoking weed with your family members can be a real bonding experience. The initial awkwardness of partaking in a

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9 Activities To Socialize Your Smoke Sesh · High Times

When April 20th comes around, you’ll need activities to socialize your smoke sesh. But before you go crazy making

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