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Top 10 Trippiest Scenes From Movies

One of the greatest effects of smoking the ganja is its ability to make just about any form of entertainment, well,

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Rihanna's Pot-Smoking Character is the Best Part of Ocean's 8

Somewhere near the end of Ocean’s 8, I choked up a little. Surprised and a little embarrassed by my tears, I stayed

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Was 'Frozen' a Coverup for Walt Disney's Dismembered Head?

Here’s a conspiracy theory that might blow your brain into a thousand different pieces: The movie Frozen was made

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Weed-Growing, Gun-Toting Nuns Featured in New Documentary

You can’t say you know everything about California cannabis until you’ve seen these pot farming nuns. Not only do

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Timothée Chalamet Set To Play Teen Weed Dealer In His Next Film

As legal cannabis consumption continues to rise, we’ve seen an influx of pot-centric plots on both the small screen

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