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St. Louis Stops Prosecuting Cases of Weed Possession Under 100 Grams · High Times

Marijuana remains illegal in the state of Missouri. But in St. Louis, efforts are being made to scale back

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Missouri House Votes in Favor of Medical Marijuana Bill · High Times

Medical marijuana could be taking a big step forward in the Show Me State now that the Missouri House voted in

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Missouri House Approves Medical Marijuana Bill · High Times

After an evening of sometimes emotional debate, the Missouri House approves medical marijuana bill for the state.

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The Threat of Dangerous Synthetic Cannabis Has Spread To Five States · High Times

The number of people with severe synthetic weed-related illness keeps rising. Hospitals are reporting more and more

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Woman Busted After Using A Bible to Smuggle Weed Into Jail

At this point, smuggling marijuana has become a societal norm. Individuals in weed-legal states even continue the

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