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Michigan Could Add 22 New Conditions for Medical Marijuana Program · High Times

Before the upcoming vote on recreational cannabis, Michigan is looking to extend its medical marijuana program. To

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Michigan Decides to Include Adult-Use Cannabis on November Ballot · High Times

Reports have confirmed that a state agency in Michigan has decided to include adult-use cannabis on the November

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Over 200 Michigan Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Forced To Close · High Times

Last month, Michigan closed 40 unlicensed dispensaries and promised to shut a hundred more. Since then, the

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An Inside Look At The 2018 Hash Bash · High Times

For almost half a century, marijuana enthusiasts from all walks of life have come together to celebrate Hash Bash.

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Michigan May Legalize Recreational Marijuana Before November Ballot · High Times

What seems on its surface like an early win for cannabis advocates in Michigan may, in fact, be an attempt to rig

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New Survey Shows Majority of Seniors Support Medical Marijuana · High Times

The University of Michigan (UM) reports that a new survey shows majority of seniors support medical marijuana. The

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