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How to Hire a Pot Lawyer · High Times

When Bill Sherman (this is not his real name—due to the sensitivity of his case, he asked us to use an alias) came

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Driving High · High Times

While experts agree that stoned driving cannot be regulated in the same way as drunk driving, the question remains:

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Proposal in North Carolina Could Relax Marijuana Possession Laws

North Carolina lawmakers are closer than ever to reducing marijuana possession laws. A new bill would retroactively

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Province by Province · High Times

By the end of the summer, recreational marijuana will be legal across Canada’s provinces and territories. National

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Lawyer Blames Weed After He's Arrested For Attacking A Family · High Times

A Canadian lawyer blames weed after he’s arrested for attacking a family and will avoid time in prison, a judge has

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States With Legal Marijuana Seek Summit With Jeff Sessions · High Times

Oregon, Illinois, California and other states with legal marijuana seek summit with Jeff Sessions. Recently, the

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