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Rapper Jim Jones Arrested for Marijuana, Firearm Possession · High Times

New York City rapper Jim Jones ran into some legal trouble recently. While spending time with friends in Georgia,

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Atlanta Police Officer Arrested During $30K Drug Bust · High Times

Two years into her service with the Atlanta Police Department’s mobile patrol unit, officer Iris Rowe has found

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All of the Obstacles To Marijuana Legalization in Georgia · High Times

Four months ago, HT writer Chris Roberts asked if Georgia would be the next state to legalize marijuana. As a

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Parents Face Prison After Treating Their Son's Seizures with Weed

To stop their son’s debilitating seizures, a family in Georgia has been giving their child smokeable marijuana as

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Georgia Adds Pain and PTSD as Conditions for Medical Marijuana · High Times

After months of working its way to Governor Nathan Deal’s desk, a new bill hoped to add intractable pain and PTSD

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Georgia Moves Forward With Medical Marijuana Program Expansion · High Times

During the last day of the 2018 legislative session that lasted well into the night, Georgia moves forward with

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