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In Defense of Macrodosing · High Times

Cannabis entrepreneurs have a lot of cherries to pop now that marijuana is melding with the mainstream. While

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The Best Types of Edibles · High Times

To an outsider, it might be easy to assume that weed edibles are pretty much limited to pot brownies and cookies.

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Crispy Artichoke Cakes with Herb Aioli

This simple appetizer will kick off any meal with a pleasing combination of a crunchy exterior and a soft,

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What Is Bhang? · High Times

Bhang is one of the oldest pot-infused edible recipes of all time. It is milk-based cannabis beverage that has been

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A Cafe In This City Will Soon Serve Cannabis-Infused Lattes · High Times

Every cannabis and caffeine lover’s dream is about to come true: A cafe in this city will soon serve

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