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The Clinic Charity Classic Raises Over $200K For National MS Society • High Times

As the cannabis industry continues to create opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship, businesses’

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Denver Mayor Admits City Is Regulating Marijuana Effectively • High Times

Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock announced Thursday that the city is effectively regulating the legal marijuana

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Denver’s 10 Best Dispensaries

Welcome to Denver—ground zero of the green rush. At the end of the first year of recreational cannabis sales in

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Denver's Cheba Hut Claps Back At Sonic's Weed Intolerance · High Times

This week in munchie fast food wars: Denver’s Cheba Hut claps back at Sonic’s weed intolerance. Last week, a Sonic

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Volunteer High School Teacher Accused of Smoking Weed With Students · High Times

Just because it’s Colorado doesn’t mean that everyone is allowed to smoke marijuana. Today, a volunteer high school

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