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Cannabis Equality in the Green Revolution · High Times

The US marijuana industry, despite the forces of evil in Washington that would destroy it, has become a booming,

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CBD Company Organizes Patients To Fight For Better Medical Marijuana

In Iowa, medical marijuana patients want access to stronger medicine. Petitioning lawmakers to change the state’s

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Please Stop It With The Weed Puns Already! · High Times

Dear Media, Please stop it with the weed puns already. They are very stigmatizing and make serious topics

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Advocates for Medical Marijuana for Autism To Gather in Louisiana · High Times

This week, we heard the news that a group of advocates for medical marijuana for autism will gather in Louisiana.

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Cannabis Activists Give Joints To Washington Lawmakers During Rally · High Times

City Council members in Washington, D.C. got a sample of the kindness of strangers on Tuesday when they were

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